Photography by  Andreea Radutoiu

Photography by Andreea Radutoiu

I am a Los Angeles based designer offering a full range of services from interior design (developing the concept, design consultation, space planning), to set design and art direction for photo shoots. I create custom interior decoration with a coherent feel that reflects the vision of my clients. My mission is to create a complete, ready to live-in universe and empower the client to bring it to life with their own presence.

My first contact with design was in my hometown in Transylvania, Romania, as I was growing up:  my mother designed furniture and always inspired me to beautify spaces. I studied interior design at UCLA, graduating in 2010. I worked for many years in fashion as a model and stylist where I gradually honed an eye for all things beautiful, learning to watch and adapt and develop the ability to find inspiration in everything around me.

In my private life, I was able to transition gracefully from a life of glam to a peaceful one spent with my family. Living in LA, I discovered the world of sets and movie-making magic, in front and behind the camera, which led to my taking on a range of projects, from dressing sets to styling actors and models…. My MO is my instinct, observing the streets, the ways people live, always traveling around the world in the quest for renewed vision.

I find it important to be in touch with the community of artists, from painters and photographers to jewelry and fashion designers, incorporating touches gleaned from their work in my projects as I ride the blurred line between Art and Design.

I am best known for being innovative within any budget, and giving new purpose and history to mundane, found, sacred, conventional, or ready-made objects. Style is always of the essence to me, but I never surrender to trends and short-lived fashions, preferring to comment on and twist them into a new light or form. Besides elegance, I like the concept of “allure”: a touch of quirkiness, a sprinkle of the unexpected in everything I create.