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As much as I am seen in the fashion world, either living it or hanging out with fashion people, I try to be present and loyal as a designer as well.

Photos by Edward Aninaru

Of course I want to be a hundred different things, but the older I get, the more I realize I cannot be them all. Still, what moves me forward and inspires me to pursue various projects (and prevents me from getting bored!) is a number of people with whom I work and surround myself, and who always spark in me new insights and creative paths.

It has been an absolutely amazing, LONG summer and I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into what I have been working on lately.

Henderson Represents, Inc. (HRI Talent) is a very busy commercial and theatrical agency with whom I’ve been working as talent for the last 9 years. Their office is in Universal Studio's famous Bungalows Row. Previous tenants include Steven Spielberg (production office during the shooting of “Schindler's List”) and Mark Morgan (office for the production of Twilight Zone).

The energy of the place is refreshed daily by tourists from all over the world taking the Universal City Tour Tram, circling the famous Studio’s Backlot (known for its legendary Hollywood sets – from the Old West Street to the modern day city blocks from New York, Berlin, London and Paris). 

 The people of HRI Talent are truly dear to me, so when the opportunity came for me to redesign their office, it was a dream-come-true, pinch-myself kind of job. What makes this project so special to me are the four amazing and meritorious ladies who run HRI – my agents Michelle Henderson, Lisa Ryder, Tania Kleckner and Denni Romo.  Over the years, we have grown together, believed in each other’s vision, became friends, compared and learned from each other’s lives – and most of all we’ve worked hard. The jobs HRI Talent has brought me allowed me to travel the world, and in the process, to discover myself and grow as an artist.

Without further ado, allow me to share with you their new office space!

                                                     HRI Talent offices at the Universal Studios Backlot-Photo by  Edward Aninaru

                                                     HRI Talent offices at the Universal Studios Backlot-Photo by Edward Aninaru

Over a year ago, I approached Michelle Henderson, the founder of the company, to talk about a makeover proposal of their constantly growing company’s headquarters. She was a little hesitant at first, but ultimately she gave in. I was so happy she allowed me to do my thing. I had ideas and plans almost immediately!

After a few presentations, the DESIGN was APPROVED! It is finally time for the BIG reveal - The office redesign project is complete and I could not be happier with the experience, the support and the outcome!

Photo by   Edward Aninaru

Since most of the time space is premium and money an object, I always try to do more with less. And we did just that.

It turned out to be an inspiring, whimsical and happy office that I hope will inspire happiness to everyone working there. This is the fun part, where a room starts off and how much it changes: THE BEFORE AND AFTER….

This is what has been happening behind the scenes at HRI Talent .

A little rough, I know – and in need of some TLC – but I was up for the challenge! 

Some things HAD TO GO, but simply rearranging some of the existing pieces helped tremendously.

Pattern on the wall covering helped the low ceiling space. 

A mirror with geometric shapes – like a kaleidoscope – reflects a medley of forms and textures.

Low maintanance new carpet
New seating creates a new conversation spot for meetings and gatherings

I wanted to create a space which did not scream “office” – something cozy, intimate, home-y.

Space enlivened by a poetic    Roy Lishtenstein    print

Space enlivened by a poetic Roy Lishtenstein print

We tried to work on weekends only, yet for a few weekdays they still had to work while putting up with our mess.  The office might have been only partly comfortable – yet it was always fully functioning!

Photo by  Edward Aninaru

There are 4 small offices designated to few different divissions: Youth, Thetrical, Union Commercials and Non-Union Commercials. I tried with each space to reflect the personal taste of the agent.

On the wall hanging the world reknowed  Blue Dog  by  George Rodriguez  , Photo by  Edward Aninaru

On the wall hanging the world reknowed Blue Dog by George Rodriguez , Photo by Edward Aninaru

Black Chalk painted walls in each room keep track for the agents with the clients and actors’ holdings and booking schedules –besides the function and comfort, the office needed room for creativity and thought stimulation.

As an agency tradition,the sound of the gong above is heard every time an actor books a job :). 

I wanted to create a space- as an office-free type of environment, more like a home.


This one has been a labor of love and has taken its sweet, long time to come to fruition.

Photos by Edward Aninaru

See you very soon...